Commissioner History

Last NameFirst NameVoteItem TextDate And TimeItem NameTally YesTally NoTally AbstainTally Votes
Peay Jr.Robert NONE<AAA-AM1> a2024-02-29 10:34:00AAA-AM10000
Peay Jr.Robert NONE<O1A-AM1> test2024-02-29 9:33:00O1A-AM10000
Peay Jr.Robert NONEaaa2024-02-29 9:26:00aaa0000
Peay Jr.Robert YES<O1c> Funding for Batey2024-02-15 19:35:00O1c191020
Peay Jr.Robert YES<O1b> Impact Fee2024-02-15 19:21:00O1b192021
Peay Jr.Robert YES<O1a> General Fund Budget Amendments2024-02-15 19:17:00O1a210021
Peay Jr.Robert YES<L> Approve the Consent Agenda2024-02-15 19:13:00L200121
Peay Jr.Robert NONEtest2024-01-12 10:38:00aaaa0000
Peay Jr.Robert YESExecutive session2024-01-11 19:34:00O200121
Peay Jr.Robert YES<M1A> General Purpose School Fund Budget Amendment2024-01-11 18:41:00M1A210021